Transcendance Inc. Announces Openings in a Dynamic Industry

The Transcendance Inc. leadership team has announced a hiring initiative to support company growth. The firm's President discussed what candidates should bring to the table, and some of the perks associates enjoy.

“There’s never a dull moment in our office, but the atmosphere is particularly electric these days,” stated Tunde, President of Transcendance Inc. “Our customer acquisition services are in more demand than ever, and to continue providing the same level of excellent service to our national service partners we’re going to expand our company roster.”

Transcendance Inc. management is currently accepting résumés for full-time positions. Career-oriented people will find the company’s commitment to developing talent and promoting from within to be particularly attractive. They will also be impressed by the many ways in which executives are recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

“We find that the most innovative strategy is to look for a diversity of backgrounds,” Tunde explained. “This way we are relatable to the largest number of potential consumers. To make this approach work, we focus on hiring more for cultural fit than hard skills. Our training system has been developed to the degree that new team members will have access to all the knowledge they’ll need for success. Management and sales experience helps, but anyone with drive will thrive.”

In fact, Tunde noted that positions with Transcendance Inc. are ideally suited to recent graduates. Having just left school they still have a student mind-set, while at the same time they are eager to prove themselves as professionals. This combination of enthusiasm and open-mindedness is ideal for success with the firm.

Perks of Joining Transcendance Inc.

There are several reasons to consider a career with Transcendance Inc., according to Tunde. For starters, new hires are paired up with coaches and team leaders from day one. What’s more, these guides started in entry-level positions as well. This makes the office environment very supportive and ensures that trainees will gain practical knowledge as part of their training.

“In fact, our learning academy might be our strongest competitive edge,” Tunde affirmed. “It’s based on the premise that our people form the foundation of our company’s success, and that by providing every possible opportunity for them to learn and grow as individuals and professionals, we are investing in the well-being of our organization. There are certainly other positives – an empowering company culture, travel, philanthropy, and social events all come to mind – but the many ways in which we develop our associates are our greatest strengths.”

About Transcendance, Inc.: 

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